Category Description:
This category includes adventure tourism, cultural and natural attractions and activities that offer top quality product experience & optimal operational performance.  An organised adventure activity on land, air or water that offers:
  • thrills or excitement based on active participation & personal challenge; or
  • cultural/natural experiences which enhance the visitor's knowledge; and/or
  • an appreciation of the unique cultural &/or natural landscape of Fiji.

Examples include, but not limited to, water, air or land activities such as: air tours, rafting, scuba diving, fishing, 4 wheel driving, surfing, heritage sites & natural attractions etc.  This category celebrates those businesses that provide an exemplary customer experience.
Private & community operated tourist establishments, activity operations, including heritage adventure & natural attractions, retail outlets & performing arts independent of resorts.
Product identification 10 points
Marketing 10 points
Customer service & professional development 20 points
Sustainability & innovation 30 points
Additional information 15 points
NOTE:  For short-listed entries, the site inspection will be 15 points

Entry Guidelines Criteria Assessment:
Product Identification 10 points
Provide a general overview of the nature & history of your operation. You must demonstrate your eligibility for entry in this category as outlined in the description above.
Detail your product mix & tariff structure. What facilities &/or services do you offer to enhance the tourism experience for your guests?

Marketing 10 points
Who are your target markets & how did you identify them?
Describe the marketing strategies used to attract each target market & detail the success/outcomes of those strategies with supporting documentation where possible.
What is your distinctive difference & how do you promote it to attract each of your target markets?  Demonstrate how potential visitors are provided with an accurate & responsible depiction of what to expect from the experience/product.

Customer Service & Professional Development 20 points
Explain how you achieve & maintain quality customer service throughout your organization. Consider how you stay abreast of industry developments.  Consider your repeat business strategy, feedback collection & change implementation. How do you identify & provide for people with specific needs? State the number of people working in the business & explain how you identify & determine professional development needs. Describe the range of training/skill development programs undertaken, how they were measured, the extent of uptake & outcomes for the business.

Sustainability & Innovation 30 points
Describe & demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Describe how your business engages with the local community values & culture.  If local products & services are not available, briefly explain. Describe any innovations that have taken place over the history of your operation to improve your business & the specific benefits achieved.  Include innovations that have taken place to improve your visitor experience, infrastructure development, new marketing ideas or sales activities. Innovations do not include routine maintenance or repairs.
General Rules and Conditions of Entry:
  • Entry into this Award is open to any entity in the tourism arena that has been trading for a period of 12 months prior to the entries close-off date.
  • The Award will be presented at the discretion of the judges, based on the submissions received;
  • If at any time following submission of an entry, the business/organisation being put forward goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise the Secretariat in writing and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.
Read and Understand thoroughly instructions on How to Enter & General Rules and Conditions of Entry

Key Contact
For any questions or clarifications about your entry/submission process, please contact the Secretariat on:
P: 679 - 8314837 ¦E: ¦S: etuilagivou