Category Description:
This award recognises the efforts & contributions made by individuals & organisations who have successfully implemented environmentally sustainable initiatives, demonstrable by long-term commitment & performance.  It also recognises the promotion, development & engagement with the Fijian people & operators understanding of Fiji’s Green Growth Framework.

Private tourism operations, hotels, resorts, villages & non-profit entities.
Background / Product Identification-10 points
Environmental Sustainability-20 points
Community & Cultural Sustainability- 20 points
Innovation -20 points
Additional information -15 points
NOTE:  For short-listed entries, the site inspection will be -15 points
Entry Guidelines Criteria Assessment:
Background / Product Identification - 10 points
Provide a general overview of the nature & history of your operation. You must demonstrate your eligibility for entry in this category as outlined in the description above.  How you have embedded sustainability principles & practices into your business plan.
How does your business inform your guests of policies and recommendations to reduce waste, and conserve both energy & resources?  How are they promoted, and what portion of revenue/guest time do they make up relative to carbon/resource intensive activities (i.e. fishing tours, scuba diving, jet skis, etc.?)  How does your branding and advertising highlight your sustainability efforts and to what extent is this prioritized in selecting guest clientele?
What opportunities do guests have to engage in sustainability discussion and education on-site (i.e. – what sort of publications and installations are available on-site to communicate local/endemic species, is there a resident marine biologist or other natural scientist on-staff to facilitate guest education? etc.)
Environmental Sustainability- 20 points
Provide evidence that you measure & understand your environmental (green) footprint in particular any use of accredited methodologies or audit techniques. Include resource and energy management principles and practices in the business, transport policies, water reticulation / desalinization / storage, etc.)  How are solid wastes managed – classification of wastes, disposal methods, volumes collected periodically, policies and practices of recycling in the business, liquid waste treatment protocols and cleaning chemicals disposal procedures.
Include also any practices and policies adopted by the business to protect flora & fauna endemic to the tourism operator site, how does the business manage the natural environment and resources (such as reefs for snorkelling/diving, surf breaks, rainforest access, waterfalls, or other unique landmarks and offerings) for its long-term habitats survival, does the business involve the staff to advocate for environmental sustainability.

Community & Cultural Sustainability- 20 points
Describe how your business or product reflects & respects & engages with local culture & communities.  Provide any evidence that your business or product has contributed to local community development & will continue to do so into the future & consider how your business/product inspires stake holders to adopt practices for ongoing sustainability into the future.  Does your company have a vision/mission statement and/or ethics/corporate responsibility policy?  How does management/ownership speculate the business might operate in fifty years given the challenges, advantages, and other realities of their tourism site? What percentage of management is comprised of Fiji nationals (and male/female split)? How does the business approach staff recruitment and succession planning – what is the rate of retention, Explain the business strategies adopted to sustain competition of human resources in the market.

Innovation – Limit to 1 A4 page - 20 points
Describe any innovative sustainability practices that you have introduced in the past 12-18 months that are unique to your business that may position you as a role model for the industry.
Detail your sustainability plans for the future.

General Rules and Conditions of Entry:
  • Entry into this Award is open to any entity in the tourism arena that has been trading for a period of 12 months prior to the entries close-off date.
  • The Award will be presented at the discretion of the judges, based on the submissions received;
  • If at any time following submission of an entry, the business/organisation being put forward goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise the Secretariat in writing and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.
Read and Understand thoroughly instructions on How to Enter & General Rules and Conditions of Entry

Key Contact
For any questions or clarifications about your entry/submission process, please contact the Secretariat on:
P: 679 - 8645087¦E: ¦S: laveniaradiva22